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This is a bit of an experimental post! There are a bunch of different fandoms and styles in here, I've been playing around. Oh and also, my very first manipulation!!!

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HD Gossip Girl Screencaps

SAMPLES: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
SIZE: 1800x1011

For now I'm going to leave it as it is but it will take you to much time to download it so tomorow or whenever I have time I'll change it,I'll delete some caps to make it smaller becouse now it's just to big
I think I've waited like an hour to upload it so I'm guessing you won't spend that much to download it 
So sorry for that but the size of the caps are large 1800x1011 and there are a lot of them I
f you know what else I can do tell me

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Would you be kind and share with me some pictures?
Of course this is not a request post  but I'll try to use as many as I can
I would appreciate some HQ,MQ screencaps and pictures
These are my preferences:
Fandoms:One tree Hill,Prison Break,Gossip Girl,90210,Merlin,Chuck,Melrose Place and Glee
Actresses/Actors:Cast from the fandoms,Rachel Mcadams,Keira Knightley
Stock and fashion pictures
Thank you  in advance


01-04 Gossip Girl
05-21 Actresses
22-26 Fashion
27-34 Kristen Stewart/Taylor Lautner
35-43 Skins

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credit to lilly_lametta 
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